Virtual Office Assistant

Professional Support Services
Erin Smith & Betty Leeper
Resumes are available upon request.

Our VAs have at least 15 years of administrative experience.

Some of VOA's Current/Former Clients include:
Marble Warehouse - Dallas, TX
Crescent Research, Inc.
Spectrum Video & Film
Bankers Digest Magazine Transcription Service
Inpatient Physician Associates
A library consultant
In-field Sales Executive for a national tool manufacturer
Professional Santa Claus Pat Austin of Memphis, TN
Nature Photographer Patrick J. O'Meara of Clearwater, FL

Contact Info:
Virtual Office Assistant
Hillsboro Office
P.O. Box 251, Hillsboro, Texas 76645
Tel (254) 548-8600
   Fax (214) 447-9534   

Dallas Office
P.O. Box 452701
Dallas, TX 75045-2701
(214) 282-1532 or (214) 352-1418
If you are unable to reach anyone at the first number, please try the second number.

RFPs/For a fee quote: